Richard Evelegh Partridge

A wandring Minstrel I version 2

This blog contains photos and information about Major Richard Evelegh Partridge, M.C. These photos include one collection detailing his time in D Company, 1st Battalion Dorset Regiment during 1914-15 on the Western Front. These were presented to the Dorset Regimental Museum in 1965.

Military Career

March 1907 Passed Army Qualifying Examination. November 1907 Passed Army Competitive Examination. January 1908 Entered Royal Military College Sandhurst.

April 1908 Made Lance-Corporal in D Company, Dorset Regiment.

28th July 1908 Made Colour Serjeant D Company, Dorset Regiment.

18th December 1908 Passed out 88th.

6th February 1909 Gazetted to the Dorset Regiment and received commission. 12th February 1909 Posted to 1st Battalion. 12th March 1909 Joined 1st Battalion at Victoria Barracks, Portsmouth.

12th December 1909 promoted to Lieutenant.

March 1910 Passed Signalling Course Instruction Certificate at School of Signalling, Aldershot. 24th May 1910 Appointed Signals Officer to Bath.

24th September 1910 Dorset Regiment moved to Blackdown.

March 1911 Passed Riding Certificate.

2nd October 1911 Joined Army Service Corps on probation. December 1911 Applied to rejoin Regiment; rejoined 21st December. Penalty: no extra-regimental employment for five years.

5th November 1912 Distinguished Certificate in Musketry at School of Musketry, Hythe.

10th January 1913 Regiment moved to Belfast. Rejoined from leave at Belfast 10th March 1913.



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